First Baptist Church of Columbia
Thursday, April 24, 2014
Fulfilling the Vision Renovations and Debt Reduction Campaign
Our Fulfilling the Vision campaign began in early 2010 and runs into 2013. Approximately $1M in campus-wide improvements were identified and approved by the church to accomplish over this time period. The second goal of the campaign was to pay down our facility mortgage note as far as possible over that 3 year period with the goal of eventually retiring the debt on our property. We have paid our note down from $2.6M at the beginning of the campaign to $1.8M at December 31, 2011. Every dollar given to the campaign is divided 50% to the campus improvement projects and 50% to principal reduction of the note.

You may have noticed the new children’s playground and exterior painting and repairs on the sanctuary building. This was all paid for from this campaign as well as a complete painting of the interior. Our 2012 projects will be new flooring in the sanctuary, parlor, bride’s room and bathroom updates and new enclosed children’s playground. Please be a part of this campaign.
You can give to this fund online by click the link below and making a contribution towards the "Building Fund."
We are extending "Fulfilling the Vision Campaign" and encourage each member that feels led to pledge an amount to give towards it.  You can turn in an online pledge card by filling out the form below.