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Monday, October 05, 2015
First College Ministry's Epic Weekly E-Newsletter!
This Sunday we will continue our series on the Gospel. Many of us have heard that word used so many times and know what it means for our salvation, but we don't always have the whole story. "Gospel" is a series we hope will clarify, biblically, what God has done for mankind through his Son, Jesus. Join us to walk through the Gospel together. Philip Turner will be speaking this Sunday on Jesus!
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Chicken & 3 Cheese Pasta
Here are some good service opportunities for you to get involved in. 

Ezekiel Ministries
FBC Feed the Homeless
Good News Club
Remember: No tailgate
this weekend!

9th Girls Fall Event
10th Tailgate for LSU game
15th State Fair
17th TBD Vanderbilt tailgate
25th Fall Festival
31st A&M Costume viewing party

6th-8th Fall Retreat
14th Florida TBD tailgate
21st TBD tailgate
28th Clemson tailgate
First College Ministry Day will be October 18th! The main service will be highlighting the college ministry. This means that the college band will be involved with worship and RJ will be preaching! FCM Day is a great opportunity to invite a friend that has not found a church home yet. The goal is for everyone to invite one person. We would love to make our presence known during the service to represent the college ministry! 
Take a break from Columbia and join us in North Carolina November 6th-8th! This is going to be a great weekend to grow closer with each other and in our relationship with God. You will not want to miss out! Sign up here

Freshmen: $85
Everyone else: $100

**UPDATE** The website has now been changed to show the correct price for the deposit. For those of you who have paid the previous amount then you will only owe us the remaining amount. So, if you paid $75 then you will owe us $25 now. 
Come see song writers Keith and Kristyn Getty will join the First Baptist Church Choir & Orchestra
in concert Sunday, October 11 at 6:00p. This concert is free and no tickets are required!  
Monday October 19th get ready for a human scavenger hunt at the State Fair! We will be going to the state fair around 7p. The cost is $10 for entrance into the fair. We will have a time range for y'all to find certain people throughout the fair. Afterwards there will be time to hang out and enjoy the fair! 
You can still join a small group!
In small groups you will be able to grow in your relationship with Christ and in your relationship with others. Sign up here!!