First Baptist Church of Columbia
Thursday, November 26, 2015
While some camp scholarship grants are available, we encourage students to play an active role in raising the funds they need to participate. Student Ministries provides some ways to do just that.

Camp Classic Golf Tournament
Instead of doing dozens of small fund-raisers throughout the year, we focus all our fundraising efforts on one BIG fundraising event each spring…the Camp Classic Golf Tournament.
Details on the 2015 Camp Classic will be available in October.


Serving Opportunities
Of course as followers of Christ we are called to serve on a regular basis expecting nothing in return. However, there are some opportunities around FBC for students to earn scholarship money.

Childcare: High school students may contact the Children’s Ministry Office about paid childcare positions during special events and Sunday afternoon lunch meetings. All monies earned go directly to a student’s scholarship account.
Special Service to Members: Occasionally church members will ask for student help with yard work, cleaning projects and other big jobs, and they like to offer scholarship money as a thank you. We keep students posted on opportunities as they arise.
Special Service to Student Ministries: If you know of an upcoming scholarship need in your family and you would like to work for your scholarship, contact the Student Ministries Staff about ways you can help the ministry.