First Baptist Church of Columbia
Saturday, August 23, 2014
Sunday Mornings kick off at 9am for High School students in the EFLC Student Center.  Students can enjoy donuts and some hang time before Student Worship begins at 9:15.  Middle and High School students come together for a time of worship, reflection, and prayer before the two groups split for a time of teaching.  High Schoolers remain in the EFLC for Biblical teaching that is relevant to all students.  Students are strongly encouraged to bring a Bible and take notes.  (College students have found these teaching notes can be helpful, even years later in life.)
2014 Summer Teaching Series:
08: Chapter 1 - Stop Praying
15: Chapter 2 - You Might Not Finish This Chapter
22: Chapter 3 - Crazy Love
29: Chapter 4 - Profile of the Lukewarm
06: Chapter 5 - Serving God Leftovers
13: Chapter 6 - When You're in Love
Chapter 7 - Your Best Life...Later
27: Chapter 8 - Profiled of the Obsessed
03: Chapter 9 - Who Really Lives that Way?
10: Chapter 10 - The Cux of the Matter
Chapter 11 - A Lot Should Change in Five Years (Wrap Up Week)