First Baptist Church of Columbia
Tuesday, September 01, 2015
1. Service Night
Tomorrow is going to be SO FUN! We're going to hit downtown Columbia with some random acts of kindness. Fill out the permission form, bring it with you tomorrow, come at 6 for Hoolio's, and wear some walking shoes.  

2. Small Groups
Small groups continue at 5:30 on Sunday! High School, be sure to get with your group to figure out who's bringing snacks. Middle School, 6th graders are bringing snacks for EVERYONE to share! 

3. Campus Missionaries
The first Campus Missionary meeting of the semester will be August 30 at 11:45 immediately following big church! Lunch will be $6 per person. Please make sure you're there! Some things will be a-changing in Campus Missionary world, so you want to make sure you don't miss out. 

**SLU 301 students, as you did last year, you will need to turn in a brief essay about your experience at 301. This is not something that needs to be 5 pages long, it's just a quick write-up about what you took away from your trip. What was your favorite thing? Who was the speaker that inspired you the most? What is your greatest take-away from our week in Europe? Please have this ready to turn in to Brittany by the first Campus Missionary meeting. (Or you can turn it in early by emailing Brittany at
August 30: Campus Missionary meeting

September 13: BIG Sunday! BIG Bring Your Own Breakfast Buffet!!! BIG giveaways!!! Can't wait to see you on the 13th!!!!! Bring your friends!!!!! 
We'll be split MS/HS this week. MS will talk about God's purpose for your life, and HS will start week 3 of Chasing Elephants! See you at 9:00!

Sunday PM:
MS&HS Choir at 4:45pm
Small groups at 5:30
Next Wednesday 
It's our first One-Five of the semester! 

First Student Ministries