First Baptist Church of Columbia
Tuesday, September 02, 2014
Tripp Atkinson - Student Minister

favorite food - Filet Marsala at Carrabba's (Oh my goodness!!!)

most annoying thing ever - Tie: People who wear bluetooth headsets in public (when they are not talking on the phone) OR People who drive slow in the left lane

which haven’t you been: cop, junior olympic track star, a rodeo clown, Mr. 6th Grade, or a river guide - rodeo clown (not yet)

favorite rerun on TV - Martin, Chips and Dukes of Hazard

what makes you cry - The National Anthem

best movie of all time - “Top Gun”

Chris Renfro - Middle School Minister

what makes you laugh - The TV show "Top Gear", and my wife

favorite childhood cartoon- tom and jerry and thundercats

favorite sport- schooling kids in some basketball!

favorite food- steak and baked potato (as American as you can get!)

most annoying thing ever- getting cut off on the road (drives me insane)

favorite book of the Bible - 2 Corinthians