First Baptist Church of Columbia
Wednesday, August 27, 2014
A ministry of our size cannot be successful or healthy without strong volunteer adult leaders. The backbone of Student Ministries is the team of over forty adult volunteers who minister faithfully each week. These adults love God and love students, and minister in such roles as small group leaders, mid-week facilitators, and teachers.

Each adult that works with students has completed a lengthy application process, an interview, and extensive screening (which includes a SLED criminal background check). We are grateful for all the time and effort our adults put in to make sure every student has a mentor and friend.
Fall 2013 Small Group Leaders:

6th Grade:  Danny Timmerman, David Marion
            Meg Shaw, Beth Lawson

7th Grade:  Kevin Lynn, Matt Lewis
             Rene White, Kara Hernandez, Melinda Timmerman, Kayla Stephens

8th Grade:  Rick Bearden, Andrew McCraw
             Catherine Renfro, Maree Lynn, Cassie Fortner, Melody Phillilps

9th Grade: Mike McKenzie, Hunter McKenzie
            Darra Irish, Courtney Atkinson, Bethany Marion, Riley Bearden, Hope Stewart, Kelsey Woods

10th Grade: Cooper Bryan, Joel Temples, Wade Bonner
            Rebecca McKenzie, Juleah Fortner

11th Grade:  Jim Beacham, Brian Barrineau, Phillip Cothran
            Miriam Beacham, Jennifer Barrineau, Courtney Jackson, Kristin Cothran

12th Grade:  Andy Rekers, Zach Pippin, Tripp Atkinson, Ryan Ariail, Jimmy Beacham
            Megan Rekers, Bryn Johnson, Janine Mikell, Annette Ariail, Lindsey Beacham